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Thanks for stopping by!

The short version: my job rocks and I love it!

The slightly longer version:

I grew up in a small town in the thumb of Michigan before earning my bachelor's degree at the University of Michigan in 2005. I was not always a photographer! I majored in English and minored in Political Science through the School of Education. I graduated with my teaching certifications in K-12 for both subjects. During the last year or so of my college experience, I actually got turned on to the idea of becoming a DENTIST, through the help of several roommates and friends who were already going through the process. But I decided to give the 'teaching thing' a try for a while since I had almost completed my degree. I left the educational world having two total years of middle school and high school teaching experience. During my time as a teacher I took dental school pre-requisite classes at night and during the summer at Wayne State University in Detroit... and that's how the photography business got started. I needed a way to pay for my classes without disrupting the family budget!

I created a monster. :-D

Fast forward: I finished all my classes at WSU and decided that I loved what I was doing so much that I was not willing to heavily invest in another career (dentistry) that I might not enjoy as much. Heather and I are both very thankful for how much God has blessed this business in a relatively short time span!

I have an insatiable appetite for learning every aspect of becoming a top-tier photographer. I'm not there yet, but I'll let you know if I ever feel like I've arrived ;-). I'm fun, energetic, easy to get along with, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE people!!

By the way... I'm on Facebook! Feel free to check out my public profile!

University of Michigan Engagement Photos with Dorit and Pelton

This past Saturday I went to Ann Arbor to meet up with Dorit and Pelton, a couple who I used to know from MY days back at U of M. We were on the crew team together!! We walked around campus and hit some cool spots and then loaded up in the car to drive around for a bit. I was so excited when they told me they wanted to go get some shots down by the boat house. The timing was perfect too! Since the unseasonably warm weather has allowed the team to already be out on the water, we were able to catch them at the end of their Saturday morning practice and borrow some of the oars for some cool pics on the boat docks. Boy did this bring back memories!! We finished up at Michigan Stadium and some traditional UM fan apparel that is a must-have photo for any alumni getting pics taken :) .

Dorit and Pelton, I’m so happy to know you guys. You’re an awesome couple and I was blessed to have an opportunity to see you again!!

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